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Corps in the Clinic

Brooklyn, 1977. Rick, a young psychotherapist, discovers the bloody body of his clinic's Chief Psychiatrist and develops post-traumatic symptoms. He becomes obsessed with finding out who killed Dr. Sacks but, at the same time, is plagued by nightmares, flinching at strangers in the street and finding it difficult to listen to his patients. He enters his own psychotherapy to understand why he is reacting so badly in the present and what happened in the past that makes him so vulnerable. He is seeking answers. Who killed Dr. Sacks? What happened to the father he can't remember? Why will his mother not speak of the past? And, is his young patient, who alleged sexual abuse, telling the truth, lying as her mother claims, or even delusional?

   The book includes 12 dreams, rich in symbolism, the interpretations of which illuminate Rick's conflicts while providing solutions to two mysteries.

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Money and the Pursuit of Happiness by Dr. Richard Trachtman

MONEY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS is the only book of its kind to draw on the experience and perspective of a skilled Life Coach, Psychotherapist and Marriage Counselor. Its thesis is laid out in the first two sections: Money and You and Money and Happiness.

Money can't buy happiness but it can support the foundations of a happy life if understood and used wisely. If misunderstood and used poorly, money can seriously undermine your chances for emotional well-being.

The third section of the book, Two Pillars of Life Satisfaction, convincingly explains that life satisfaction comes from living a life based not on money...but on LOVE and MEANINGFUL WORK

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Money and Psychotherapy: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals by Dr. Richard Trachtman

Because of a cultural taboo against talking about money, psychotherapists and their clients avoid discussing the single most powerful cultural force shaping how people think, feel, and behave. Money and Psychotherapy: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals helps mental health professionals to understand how money can affect their ability to be effective in their work, and teaches them the basics of how to address money-related issues with their clients.

To see the table of contents, read the introduction and testimonials and to order this book, go to


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